My name is Viera and I'm looking forward to taking photos of your pet. I love animals and as a pet owner I understand how you can feel that your little friend is the cutest, most intelligent, funniest animal in the world. And, most importantly, I believe you!

When I take your pet's photo, I want to document how they look most naturally and in their favorite environment. After all, that's how you see and love them. My father took many pictures of our pets when we were growing up in Central Europe. From him I learned how to capture the spontaneous moments that really allow an animal to 'show off' …when your dog runs by the shore or plays 'catch' with his favorite toy or when your cat lounges in the sun or wanders among the flowers in your garden. So, when I take your animal's photo we can stay in your house or go outside, to a park, a dog run, or by the water at one of Rhode Island’s beaches. Either way, you and your pet will have a good time and their spontaneous moments with be captured.

photo of Fifko and Blackie from my parent's wedding invitation taken by my father (long time ago)   photo of me and our dog Nuky
taken by my father when I was 15


As an art curator and a former museum director, I have what a good photographer should have - a good eye – and the ability to see your dog, cat, bird or other animal in a way that captures their personality.
I am also interested in capturing the bond between you and your pet with photos that include you both. Whether it’s a solo photo of your pet or a photo that includes you or your family, this is the perfect gift for those you love or for just for yourself. So, please take a look at my photo galleries and get in touch. I will be happy to hear from you and get to know your pet.














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